At Fit4Less Catford, all our PTs are highly qualified and amazing. They all have the standard REPs Level 3 qualification and some Level 4s. Come and meet them and you’ll see what we mean. Visiting the club and meeting them is definitely  a fast-track-to-results-city! Here we have a chat with Debbie Germaine, one of our Personal Trainers.

  1. How did you get started in fitness?

I have been into fitness since a very young age. I was very good at cross-country running when I was at school. A few years ago, I put on a bit of weight and after seeing a picture of myself on my 40th birthday, I was shocked by how much weight I had put on. Very shortly, I applied for the Lorraine Kelly show to take part in ‘The Little Black Dress Diet’ and managed to lose 1stone 3lb in 6 weeks. I didn’t stop there – this was the start of my fitness journey which eventually led me to becoming a Personal Trainer.


  1. Any qualifications and experience?

I have Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer certificates. I also have a certificates in Boxing, Circuit Training, Kettle-Bells, TRX and MMA boxing. Moreover, I teach Spin and Boxercise at Fit4LessCatford , and will be teaching Leg Bums and Tums at another gym in the New Year .

  1. When and how did you develop your passion for fitness?

I have been training myself for the past 3 years. I weight lift and attend various fitness classes and events including a recent event called Tough Mudder challenge.

  1. What’s the thing you love most about fitness?

The thing I love most about fitness is the way it makes me feel. Being fit makes me feel much more confident. I suffered with depression for years and fitness training has helped me overcome that part of my life. Being fit has become part of my lifestyle now and I find that it is the most effective way of releasing stress.

  1. As a personal trainer, you’re all about making each workout count for your clients. How do you help them unlock their best self?

I’m a single parent with four children two of which were born by Caesarean Section. One of my children is Autistic. I have suffered with depression in the past and life was quite hard for me at the time. By keeping fit, I have managed to turn my life around and I derive a lot of positivity for my children and myself. Having gone through the weight loss process as well as self-training, I can relate to many different people and share my experiences with them. This is a good way of inspiring them to unlock their potential.


  1. What can people expect from your service?

I listen to my clients and make them realise that it’s all about them and not the trainer. I always mention to them that I’m just there to guide them on their new journey whilst giving them my all.

I give each of my clients 100% individual attention and each training program is designed specifically for them. My one piece of advice to them is to never give up – no exercise is meant to be easy but not giving up is what gets you results.

  1. Fuelling your body from workouts and living lean is very important. What’s your typical meal after a workout?

I try to eat as healthy as possible. My typical day starts with porridge with honey, two boiled eggs and a kale, spinach and mango shake for breakfast. I eat an hour after getting up. For snack, I have a banana after I have trained as I prefer to train in the mornings. I find that that’s the best time to train as I have more energy then.

For Lunch, I have tuna, avocado, two boiled eggs and a crumpet. Later for snack, I have fruit and a hand full of mixed nuts. I try to eat dinner at 6pm and most of the times, I have chicken, vegetables and sweet potatoes. I avoid bread as much as I can – I never frequent rice or pasta but if I eat that, it is always Wholemeal. I also try to avoid foods that have gluten as they tend to bloat my stomach.

  1. What are your top 3 tips for a good workout?
  • Supersets save time by reducing the rest interval between two exercises.
  • Shortening the rest period between sets will increase intensity by performing more work in less time. This is especially true if you are used to long periods of rest between sets.
  • Supersets also allow you to increase the intensity of your workout by overloading a muscle. This may be performed without the usual heavy weights since the muscle is destroyed by two exercises without rest.
  1. 3 tips for a good workout?
  • Warm up properly before you start
  • Change your routine every 8 weeks so you’re working different muscle groups and avoiding boredom.
  • Stretch after every workout


  • Where and how can people connect with you?

People can contact me through my mobile on Facebook (Dgfit4change) and instergram (fitnessbyDG) also email You can also find me at Fit4Less Catford.