At Fit4Less Catford, we have spin classes everyday. The classes involve high-energy music playing quite loudly to keep you moving as well as motivated. The entire class is conducted in this way and the one thing that is assured is that you’ll  sweat and burn a lot of calories.

Our instructors will lead the classes and expertly guide you throughout the workout telling you to increase or lower resistance, pedal faster, and rise or sit from your saddle. As is the case with most successful workout, keeping your core engaged is an important aspect of the class.

When you take part in the class, you are free to carry on in your own pace in order to make through the session. You should always remember that you are ultimately in control of how you go through the class. Most importantly, You should really recognise your limits and carry out your activities accordingly.

Spin class every day at Fit4Less Catford.


One of our spin classes in action as instructed by Jamie Powell, PT at Fit4Less Catford.