philippe-davisI have been involved in fitness training for the last 16 years and as a result, I have gained solid experience in the fitness. I am the right person to help you achieve the change that you desire by inspiring you to work hard and get you to where you want to be as far as fitness and health is concerned.

I specialise in powerlifting and bodybuilding and I have competed in national bodybuilding competition in which I was a finalist.

As a REPS Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer, I’m well positioned
to give my clients the motivation to train and build muscle as well as develop their strength and power. I also have extensive knowledge of sports nutrition and can advise clients on what to eat and how to spot the best supplements.

Currently, I’m running a program called Train Like a Pro at Fit4Less Catfrod where I’m based. As part of this special training package, I’ll be teaching you and training with you in order to inspire you better. I believe that rather than just teach people from the distance, it’s more effective to lead by example and push my clients hard so that you can achieve their personal best and fulfil their potential.

Interested clients can visit Fit4Less in Catford and book a session. The training program will start on Monday October 31. The breakdown of the program will be as follows:

MONDAY: Chest and Triceps
TUESDAY:Back and Biceps
THURSDAY: Shoulders

Training venue: Fit4Less Catford, 49A Rushey Green, London SE6 4AS. Tel. 020 3745 7677

First week training will be charged at £10 per session per person. Each class will accommodate 4 people.