A great gym that gives you more for less!

Once you join our affordable Catford gym, all that is needed is to get in, exercise and get on with your day all refreshed and feeling energetic. Your Fit4Less Catford gym experience guarantees that you get ideal fitness results for an insanely low-cost price. Monthly membership comes with no contract and the fee is so affordable it costs less than a cup of coffee a day!


Our gym can be described as one of the best gyms in Catford and is kitted with first-rate cardio and strength training equipment which are aimed at enhancing your gym experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff run a range of classes to make your workout effective and fun. Whether you are interested in circuit training to improve your cardiovascular fitness or simply working on your muscles for bodybuilding purposes, Fit4Less Catford gym is the right place for you.



Our club, which has already become an indispensable part of the Lewisham Gym scene, features over 160 group classes a month. Our classes range from high intensity classes such as Spin, Zumba, Insanity and HIIT to calmer but effective classes such as Tai-Chi and Bagua. All classes are included in your gym membership for free! This is a unique deal in comparison to most of the gyms in Catford and is aimed at providing you with an affordable yet high quality gym experience.


The group fitness classes are a brilliant way to get started on your journey to a happy and healthy life and are the sessions are led by experienced and fully qualified fitness instructors who will help you to achieve maximum result. If you are ready to take part in one of our classes, book a place today and get started on a journey to a healthy and happy life. Classes are happening all the time at our Catford gym – so why not bring a friend and try one today?